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UCA student to launch a silent disco at Rochester Cathedral

One of our Fashion Media & Promotion students has won a competition that will bring to life her idea of hosting a silent disco in Rochester Cathedral – where guests will dance away to a choice of music streamed through the headphones they'll be wearing. Celebrating a new exhibition opening later in the year, the idea – which also includes a children’s sleepover in the Cathedral’s Crypt – came from our Rochester student Avril Bown, who pitched her idea to Cathedral staff as part of a university project.

The Cathedral’s exhibition will display the Textus Roffensis, a book containing the only copy of the first laws written in English which was written on the Cathedral’s grounds. Searching for a unique way to promote the exhibition, the staff got in touch with UCA for ways to engage a younger audience and a number of our Fashion Media & Promotion students pitched ideas.

“My idea was that 16-25 year olds can enjoy a silent disco in one of the most iconic settings in Kent for the first time,” said Avril, 31 and originally from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. “The disco would bring together young people from a broad span of backgrounds through the power of music.”

Also presenting ideas to attract young children and adults to the exhibition, Avril created a detailed plan to raise awareness of the exhibition which included market research and social media promotion of the Textus Roffensis exhibition.

“We chose Avril’s idea because we could imagine it happening at the Cathedral and it was something different; an event which we had not hosted at the Cathedral before,” said Michelle Lees, Community Engagement and Interpretation Manager at Rochester Cathedral. “We also felt that Avril was very capable of delivering the event.”

Avril will work with the staff team at Rochester Cathedral to plan the event for later in the year. “I’m very surprised to have won!” she said. “I had confidence in the idea, but it’s a big leap of faith for the Cathedral panel. It’ll be very different to the more traditional outputs we have seen from the Cathedral in the past, so it’s a big responsibility to execute the event in a way that gives justice to the historic nature the Cathedral brings.”

More details about the silent disco will be posted on the Rochester Cathedral website in the coming months.

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