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Two UCA students receive prizes for excellence from the Royal Institute of British Architects

Two students from our School of Architecture at UCA Canterbury have been awarded the Diploma Prize from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), which celebrates the talent of architecture students at UCA.

Robin Spencer, a BA (Hons) Architecture student, received the prize in recognition of his work on cultural resistance to French elitism, and Ting Yan Yeo, a Master of Architecture student, was presented with her award for her project on the potential re-use of the main power station in Malta, which was decommissioned last year after more than 60 years’ use.

Robin, whose work impressed the judges by showing the tensions between elitism and diversity in contemporary French society, said: “The project draws on the languages of French classicism to make a folly of the system – a satire in a country where satire has failed.”

The Prizes were presented at UCA Canterbury’s End of Year Show by the Chair of RIBA Canterbury & District Branch, Phil Ward. Phil praised Robin’s work as a ‘departure from the unexpected’ and described Ting Yan’s prizewinning architectural model as ‘a great example of top-quality skill in creating small components that were then delicately, lovingly, painstakingly pieced together’.

Awarded by the two Kent-based RIBA Branches that represent more than 600 architects across the county, the Diploma Prize includes a certificate and a cheque for £200.

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