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UCA filmmaker inaugural professorial lecture

A filmmaker and academic from UCA Canterbury will deliver his inaugural professorial lecture, which is open to the public, on Tuesday 23 October at 1pm.

Showcasing site-specific films and installations that he has worked on since 2000, Professor in Experimental Film, Nicky Hamlyn, will be demonstrating the relationship between place and art, and the concept of site-specific work – where films are shown in the place where they were created. During the lecture, Professor Hamlyn will also show a piece of original work and a documentation of his installations, which have taken place around the globe.

“I’m interested in the disjunctions and anomalies that arise when a 2D image is projected onto a 3D surface or space,” Professor Hamlyn said of his research interests ahead of the lecture.

“I usually work with 16mm film and digital video, with a significant proportion of my work exploring single screen, multiple projector and installations formats for screening spaces. The work explores ongoing issues of medium specificity in relation to perceptual and cognitive processes.”

Since 1974, Professor Hamlyn’s films, videos and installations have been shown at festivals around the world, and has been exhibited at galleries in cities including London, Paris, San Francisco and Seoul.

“My highlight show was when I performed a four projector 16mm loop work to an audience of 200 at a festival in A Coruña, Galicia, in North West Spain in 2016,” Professor Hamlyn added.

As well as 16mm cine film, Professor Hamlyn works in video and photography, in addition to writing and publishing critical essays on artists’ film and video.