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Photography student premieres her first ever play

On the evening of Thursday 11 July, BA (Hons) Photography student and avid writer Caroline McHardy, will premiere her first play at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley.

Caroline, who lives in Bromley and studies at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Rochester, won the Churchill Theatre playwriting competition with her play called ‘Hotel Goliath’. This was the first script that Caroline had ever written: “It was mind-blowing to think my play is going to be performed – I have found my dream career,” said Caroline. 

Hotel Goliath is a sparkling ‘whodunit’ set in the Lake District in 1882. As hotel guests start to go missing, the realisation sets in that no-one ever comes out alive at the Hotel Goliath……..

Rehearsal 'Hotel Goliath' by Caroline McHardy

Rehearsal 'Hotel Goliath' by Caroline McHardy

It was only by chance that Caroline saw the playwriting competition whilst visiting the theatre: “I thought that I’d never done a script before, so why not,” added Caroline. 

The play is showing on Thursday 11 July. To book tickets visit the Churchill Theatre website or call 020 3285 6000.

To find out more about what Caroline is up to, visit her website.