Out of Isolation – UCA’s creative response to lockdown

UCA is proud to unveil Out of Isolation - an impressive collection of work generated by staff, graduates and students in response to the Covid-19 pandemic - a chance to reflect on a remarkable six months of local and national restrictions.

As well as a striking artistic snapshot of a unique shared moment, this exhibition is also an exploration of emotions and experience that will continue to resonate, providing insight and inspiration for newly-arrived undergraduates, on campus – socially distanced - for the first time this autumn.

You can find the artworks spread across galleries on the four UCA campus locations (Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, and Rochester). The UCA galleries are currently open to students and staff but you can also enjoy this impressive body of artworks and stories by downloading the catalogue PDF online – scroll down for link.

Co-curator Georgina Scott says: “Out of Isolation is a beautiful and intimate record of how we all have reacted in our own individual ways during these challenging and unprecedented times. Since the end of March this year, we haven’t had the freedom to go where we like, to see who we like or to use the resources and spaces that are usually available to us. We have all had to adapt to living a more limited lifestyle and to be resourceful with our time, space and materials in our homes. This has led to a unique and vital period of reflection: on our own lives, on others’ lives and the world we live in.”

Out of Isolation catalogue (PDF)

IMAGE CREDIT: 'Breathe' by Julian Rowe