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UCA graduate nominated as creative change maker during Black History Month

A UCA Epsom graduate has been named a creative change maker, after being nominated as part of The Dots100 creatives inspiring change’ for Black History Month.

Graduating in June this year, Yemi Davis, who is 22 and from Nigeria, was nominated as one of the 100 leading black change makers to be shaping the current climate by Vine Creatives Co-Founder and Senior Art Director Nene Parsotam.

The BA (Hons) Digital Communication Design graduate said: “The Dots asked 11 creative heroes - including influencers, art directors, and more – to each pick 10 black creatives they think are redefining the creative space and inspiring change. It is great and highly motivating to have your work recognised in such a way, as it pushes you to make even better work. So a big thank you to the good folks at The Dots for setting this up!

“Impacting change is a collective effort and we all have our part to play. So I would say to other young creatives to pick one or two issues that you are passionate about and speak out! Not just by talking but also through the work you make.”

Since graduating, motion designer Yemi has been developing client work for a luxury sneaker brand and has also been creating an animated short.

He added: “Only about 13 percent of people in the creative industry identify as coming from a BAME background which is quite a small percentage.

“This is partly because in certain ethnic backgrounds, creative careers are often frowned upon for a number of bogus reasons such as financial instability, lack of progression and much more. This in turn causes people to feel constrained by such cultural and social pressures. Recognition from such a platform as this can greatly help to dispel these myths and show that people coming from the same background as they are can in fact do great stuff in the industry.”

Black History Month is an annual event, held in October in the UK, which remembers and celebrates the important contributions made to society by black people.

Below image: Yemi Davis.

Yemi Davis