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Architecture students awarded top prize for design competition

A team of our Architecture students has been awarded the top prize for Make’s Future Space’s Foundation student competition.

Competing against students from a number of universities, the UCA Canterbury team – consisting of Ollie Hill, Pacha Brady, Kale Bailey, Ben Ravensdale and Jamie Wilkes – stood out for their concept on the theme of anxiety.

Ollie Hill said: “We were given a sealed envelope on our first visit to Make architects. After a brief presentation from the hosts, we were asked to open the envelope and come up with a scheme that would respond to that word in the context of the City of London in 2030. Our word was Anxiety. Our approach to the design was to identify what the key anxieties were on our site. We discovered that we had 10 main forms: crowded spaces, heights, noises, darkness, lost, open spaces, small spaces, performances, touch and street crossing.

“We envisioned our proposal to act as a physical representation of exposure therapy where we encourage people to engage with the architecture, in hope that it will help to alleviate city-induced anxiety.”

The competition involved a day’s intense research and brain-storming session, with the student’s presenting their concepts several weeks later to a judging panel which consisted of Lee Mallett from Urbik, Richard Powell from Grosvenor, Mike Cook of Buro Happold, Make’s Cara Bamford and Peter Greaves, and John Prevc, FSF Chair.

Judge John Prevc commented: “The winning concept graphically illustrated anxiety in its multiplicity of guises.

“Anxiety is not just one thing to all people, it’s different for everyone, and the team from Canterbury made physical a set of experiences in which anxiety could be reduced, for example water, greenery and the experience of movement. Their entry was well thought through and truly captured the essence of what a vital city should include.

The UCA team is continuing to collaborate on new projects.