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CGA graduate nominated for top award for WWI inspired graphics

Earlier this year, Computer Games Arts graduate Jamie McAndrew was shortlisted for one of the top awards given to creative media and entertainment students for his WWI inspired graphics. Now, the UCA Farnham alumnus is working as a freelance prop artist on the upcoming Lost Forest Games production, Winter Hall

“It was amazing and very unexpected to be shortlisted for The Rookies award,” Jamie, who is 22 and from Alton says. “The work that I submitted was the project I had been doing in my final year at UCA. I had wanted to produce something with a war-like setting and visited the Imperial War Museum in London for inspiration. I found the WWI exhibition to be the most interesting, and it gave me a lot of possible compositions and layouts to try out and work with.

“The trench to me is the most well-known aspect of warfare in WWI, so I blocked out a number of possible layouts and built it up from there. I didn't really have a clear idea what was going to go where and how the final images would look, but I put different layouts together and saw what worked and what didn't.”

With ambitions of becoming an environment artist in a major AAA games studio, Jamie has been building up his freelance experience as a prop artist since graduating in June.

He adds: “I am currently working with a small company based in the UK called Lost Forest Games, and have been working on Winter Hall, which is a game about death and is due to be released next year. The best way of describing it is Gone Home meets Quantum Leap. The idea is that you leap through time into other people’s bodies to experience the ravages of the Black Death.

“My role on this project is a prop artist, so I have been developing props that can be used to flesh out environments, such as parks and picnic benches. I’m also working on some more architectural elements, including stairs and wall pieces.” 

To find out more about Jamie’s work, view his portfolio here.