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Students awarded prize for outstanding service to the community

Farnham Sports Council has awarded a prize for outstanding service to the community to three UCA students for a video they produced which showcases local community sports opportunities.

The BA (Hons) Digital Film and Screen Arts students, Maisie Mok, Ethan Salley and Jay Hayes, who are all in their third year of study, were commissioned by Farnham Sports Council to produce the video to promote the message of ‘sport for everyone’.

Gathering hours of footage from the different sports clubs and teams within the town, the students edited the content together to provide an engaging representation of Farnham sports. They said: “We learnt the camera skills through workshops, which provided us ample cinematography skills to visually represent the message of the film. This combined with professional toolkit workshops in post-production enabled us to consolidate the multiple hours of footage into a clear and cohesive video.”

The video required meticulous planning by the students, including meeting with Farnham Sports Council to discuss the brief, and then arranging a filming schedule with the sports clubs in the area. The students also had to carry out risk assessments ahead of filming with each club.

“After arranging these filming days to work into a schedule, we went to each club filming with a three camera setup, where each camera captured a different element of the storyboard. This led to us compiling all the footage and sectioning it into each sport. We then had to periodically edit down the footage to work best with the script and the storyboard.

“Overall we have received a positive reaction with all of the sports clubs being happy with their representation in the film. We were so pleased to win an award for outstanding service to the community, which was presented to us at the Farnham Sports Council awards event where out film was screened.”

View the video, here.