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UCA researcher champions innovative wearable technology at Arts Electronic Festival

A UCA academic has been showcasing results of her innovation project on ethical and sustainable wearable technology and e-textiles at the Arts Electronic Festival in Austria.

Dr Camille Baker, who lectures on BA (Hons) Graphic Design at UCA Epsom, spoke about her project, WEAR Sustain, which is funded by the European Commission and forms part of the wider research initiative STARTS.

Dr Baker said: “One of the most important aspects of this project is the way it brings together members of the art and design sector with members of the ICT, technology and engineering communities within Europe to generate prototypes that have the potential to be revolutionary.

“Through WEAR Sustain, we have seen the development of non-toxic, biodegradable protective coatings for smarter textiles; innovative products to help citizens better protect themselves from air pollution; and an initiative to bring warmth and comfort to homeless communities; in addition to a wide range of others.”

WEAR Sustain launched two years ago and is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. In addition to UCA, partners of the WEAR Sustain consortium are Digital Spaces Living Lab; Universität der Künste Berlin; Data Scouts; Blumine; Queen Mary, University of London; and iMec. 

An interdisciplinary artist, curator and researcher with a background in digital and electronic art and design, Dr Baker has worked across a number of creative disciplines including wearable technology and the body, mobile media and performance, telematics and networked performance, interactive installation and responsive environments, digital art curating, web design, music, animation, video art, online communities, and emerging technologies research and education.

“I'm really excited about the legacy of WEAR Sustain and I hope that the movement will help more teams develop new prototypes in the future,” Dr Baker added. “I think one of the most valuable things about the project is that it will really be the beginning of change in the way we make products, in particular wearable technologies and e-textiles.”

To find out more about the project, view the latest research video here.