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Alumnus crowdfunds new film following success of debut documentary

A director who realised his passion for filmmaking while studying at our Epsom campus is crowdfunding his next project. Nathan Hannawin’s latest feature follows the success of his debut documentary, Sleaford Mods: Invisible Britain, which went on to screen in cinemas alongside blockbuster movies The Martian and Bridge of Spies.

Now halfway to reaching the £5,000 target for his first feature length film, Scales, Nathan, who studied a Foundation course at UCA Epsom in 2013, says: “Crowdfunding is an excellent platform for young and independent artists to get their work out there.

“With my first project, Sleaford Mods - Invisible Britain, we were able to reach our target thanks to the generosity and support of other people. The documentary we created went on to have more than 80 screenings in the UK and Ireland, and even one in Sweden! We premiered at Picturehouse Central and our work was screened alongside huge films, which was a surreal experience. We were also featured as part of Punk London and had two screenings at the BFI Southbank.”

Nathan’s latest film Scales, a collaboration with producer Anthony Vander and writer Joe Harvey, is set to begin filming in London in February 2017 and is tipped for similar success, with a screening at BFI Southbank already secured.

Scales is a tense, claustrophobic drama that spends one evening with four characters, who are trapped in a combustible boiling pot of an apartment,” Nathan explains. “The story is unsettling and unexpected. It’s a dark tale of lies and manipulation focusing on the question of how we weigh trust.

“As the film’s director, I carry the control of the artistic vision and how the actors deliver the script. A lot of my focus has been on our crowdfunding project and making sure we hit our goal. After this, I’ll be really busy breaking the script down and working with the actors and crew to achieve the vision I have for Scales.”

The film is expected to take around a year to complete in total, with Nathan, who is 29 and from Kentish Town, saying that attentive storytelling and resourcefulness will be paramount to the quality of the feature. The money raised via crowdfunding helps to cover expenses such as equipment hire, transport and accommodation.

To find out more about Scales, please visit the film’s page.