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UCA lecturer to travel the world by motorbike for research project

One of our artists and lecturers, Simon Pruciak, is embarking on a year-long research project which will see him travel around the world by motorbike to generate art that explores the relationship between geography and the contemporary visual arts. 

Simon, an artist and lecturer in lens-based media, and his partner Alex Reddaway, an engineer, are beginning their journey in Rio de Janeiro and, over the course of the next 12 months, will travel through South America, Central America, the USA, Canada, Asia and Europe. The expedition will be documented through photography, video and text, and is due to be exhibited in 2017.

Simon said: “The concept of creative geographies, or the way that geography and the visual arts interact, is relatively unexplored. Our aim is to investigate common territories and boundaries of art and geography by crossing physical borders of diverse cultural contexts to better understand the similarities and differences in cultural and physical landscape.

“We will be documenting the journey through photography and video and will be publishing our progress regularly on our vlog, blog and social media over the course of the expedition.”

As part of the project, which has received patronage from the UN and research funding from UCA, Simon and Alex will also give creative and educational workshops along the way to schoolchildren living in deprived areas.

“The educational side of our journey allows people to experience art education while living in environments that would otherwise make it impossible or extremely difficult to access,” he commented.

Once the expedition is complete, the artwork and findings will be exhibited at a number of locations worldwide, with the first presentation set to be at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. Alongside the exhibitions, Simon will also be showcasing his experience and research by publishing a book and creating a film. The progress of the expedition can be followed over the next 12 months on Twitter @UniCreativeArts or by visiting