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MFA Photography students install satellite public art project at Woking Station

Exploring themes of nature, MFA Photography students have installed a satellite public art project at Woking Station in a bid to make art more engaging for the local community. The installation, entitled Flora: Art at the Station, will be on display until June and is running in conjunction with the UCA Farnham: Photography Show, held at the Lightbox Gallery in Woking until 28 January.    

The two exhibitions show a diverse selection of artwork from 16 talented UCA artists: Natalie Pätzold, Anna Harrison, Yasmin Stephens, Jordan Oakley, Su Ji, Athena Carey, Lili Xie, Jimmy Lee, Claire Maxfield, Melita Klonou, Corinne Whitehouse, Alizée Bauer, Danielle Gardiner, Ying Gao, Amanda Whittle, and Ally Robinson.

Former MFA student Elizabeth Ransom, who now works at The Lightbox, says of Flora: Art at the Station: “As a UCA Farnham MFA Photography graduate myself, I thought it would be an excellent way to build the relationship between The Lightbox and UCA and give the students a platform to exhibit their work to a large and varied audience.

“By bringing art outside the gallery and directly into the public it provides exposure for the students, but also allows people who wouldn't normally take a trip to a gallery to experience art for free. The main theme of the exhibition is 'nature'. Each student has taken this and interpreted it in their own creative way.”

The UCA Farnham Photography Show, based at The Lightbox, sees students explore themes including transient identity, gender representations and mental wellbeing.

Athena Carey, a first-year student on the MFA degree, explores issues of transient identity in her series ‘Lost in Transit’. She uses long exposures and digital manipulation to render ordinary scenes confusing and disorientating. Her distorted landscapes reflect the personal struggle of being an immigrant and living a nomadic lifestyle.

Second-year student Jordan Oakley also manipulates the image by creating dystopian environments that challenge gender representations in her series ‘Am I good enough now?’. Her bold and brightly coloured photographs explore the frustrations of being a woman living within a small community and the impact it has on mental wellbeing.

MFA Photography at UCA is a two-year, full time Masters level degree that enables students to develop a high level of professional and research-based knowledge on the subject of photography.

To find out more about Flora: Art at the Station and UCA Farnham: Photography Show, visit

Images: Student work at Woking Station.

Lili and Ying at the train station