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UCA student launches solo exhibition after Royal Academy success

University for the Creative Arts (UCA) research student, Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris, has launched a solo exhibition after having her artwork selected for the 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

As a doctor and CEO to international charity, Transplant Links, Dr Jewitt-Harris compassionately utilises her experience in medicine and support of organ transplantation to investigate the relationship of attachment to a person’s own organs after death, specifically the eyes, the ‘windows of the soul’. She tells stories of experience across time and from person to person, memories of relationships had and those to come, and snapshots of where life and death meet at the juncture of the passing of an organ from one human being to another. 

Dr Jewitt-Harris studied for an MA in Fine Art at UCA Farnham, before starting her research for a PhD in Fine Art Practice. Two pieces of her artwork, Psycho Dolly and We Can Do It, were chosen for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, featuring drawings with collage that explored influences in childhood and female role models.

“I was delighted to be selected for the Summer Exhibition,” Dr Jewitt-Harris says. “It has been a long-held dream of mine and it’s a particularly exciting year as it’s the 250th anniversary, so I feel very humbled to have been part of an event with such an amazing history.”

Her solo exhibition Fideles Oculi recently opened at the C&C Gallery in London and will run until 7 October. The exhibition features intricate drawings, assemblages and collages, expressing what influences people over life-times, using metaphors such as driftwood drawn with pencil and charcoal to echo the time-based disintegration of physical matter, woven with the more permanent media of contemporary collage. 

David Mach RA, on the selection committee for this year’s Summer Exhibition, spoke about the forthcoming exhibition at C&C Gallery London. “This is a clever artist. There’s a degree of control, a mastery of handling to the point of delicacy that holds her work together along with your attention,” he said. “It’s no mistake her collages are not square or rectangular edged. They make their own sinewy forms, manipulated by her into shapes like organs, pieces that might all fit together and work as one.”  

Fideles Oculi Solo exhibition of the work of Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris is open to view at C&C Gallery, Forest Hill, London until Sunday 7 October.

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