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UCA student wins prestigious D&AD New Blood award

A third-year BA (Hons) Graphic Communication student has been named a winner of the prestigious D&AD New Blood award for her intricate, handmade paper design.

Jade Barnett, who will graduate from UCA Farnham in June, will receive her prize at the D&AD New Blood Awards Ceremony on Thursday 12 July. The D&AD Awards are renowned for their Pencil prizes: wood, graphite, yellow, white, and black, which denote different levels of creative excellence. Jade will find out the level of Pencil she is being awarded at the ceremony.

“My work has always been very paper orientated, so I chose to work on the Antalis brief,” the 21 year-old student from Horsham, West Sussex said of the live brief she selected to base her work around when creating her submission. “Designers were asked to create something with paper which could be experienced by creative people and encourage them to use paper more often in their work.

“I wanted to show people how much potential paper has by creating something that is beyond what most designers think possible when it comes to working with the material. It was about thinking of paper as more than just a flat material. Having one structure suspended inside the other was a way of making it distinctive and pushing the boundaries of what paper is capable of.

“I did some research into natural structures, due to the paper company’s connection with the environment. This is where the honeycomb pattern came from, as it’s one of the strongest naturally made constructions. I was able to communicate the strength of paper through the natural environment.”

Jade, who hopes to work in the publishing industry once she has graduated, has said that an important part of her designs is the handmade element because it adds a unique quality and allows her to have more of a connection with the material.

“It’s a lot more labour intensive, but it makes the outcome a little more special,” added Jade. “I hope I managed to produce something the judges haven’t seen before, especially in the world of paper. 

“Whichever Pencil level I achieve at the awards ceremony, I am thrilled that my work has been recognised and appreciated by some of the best designers and paper artists in the industry. It’s such an amazing feeling!”