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Fashion Promotion & Imaging Lecturer directs music video for UK top 10 hit

Fashion Promotion & Imaging lecturer Ivana Bobic, who is also a successful writer and director, recently worked on the music video, Strangers, by Norwegian singer, Sigrid. Here, Ivana tells us about her experience of directing the video for the single - which became a UK top 10 hit - and how creative skillsets are versatile across the creative industries.

“I saw Sigrid’s performance at Glastonbury on TV and thought it was amazing and knew I had to work with her,” Ivana says. “I pitched an idea for a video and luckily they liked it, and things very quickly evolved from there. It took a month from pitching the idea to creating the finished edit – it’s a very fast turnaround. 

"The song is about how things aren’t the way they are in films, and how they can look very different depending on the perspective that you see them from. This inspired me to think about how things can look perfect from one angle, but as soon as the camera moves you see the background, or the people making the film. This became the starting point to creating visual tricks with art direction and a modular set that gave Sigrid space to perform in.”

Ivana, who teaches on the BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging course at UCA Epsom, where she specialises in film, animation and image making, has worked on a range of music and fashion videos throughout her career, including for clients such as Stella McCartney, Mulberry and Whistles.

“I think that the ideas, techniques and processes involved in making a music video or commercial film are transferrable and relevant to how students might approach their own work,” Ivana says of the connection between her filming and teaching on BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging. “I always hope to be able to relay my experiences, demonstrate the adaptability of creative skills, and also give the students a current insight into the industry.”

The single Strangers charted in the UK top ten after its release by Island Records in November. It peaked at number six on the Norwegian Singles Chart, and reached number one in Scotland.

“It’s a rare thing to work with an artist who is so naturally talented,” Ivana adds. “Most projects are complicated and restricted, whereas with Sigrid it’s all about letting her be herself, which is really unique. She is also a female artist who doesn’t want to present herself as sexy or put beauty or fashion ahead of her performance, so this is a strong, contemporary attitude. Hopefully we will see more artists like this.”