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Hanging in the woods: Fine Art graduate selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries

Fine Art graduate Hilde Krohn Huse has managed to turn an awkward accident into a glowing success and has been selected as a finalist for the renowned Bloomberg New Contemporaries. Hilde, who graduated from Farnham campus in 2012, was left alone hanging naked from a tree after a film shoot she was working on alone began to go wrong. 

“I had organised a residency and was in Norway with four artists,” said Hilde, who is originally from Bergen, Norway, but now lives and works in London. “While I had a free day I went off into the woods to film some footage for a series of films I was planning. I won't spoil it but things didn't go to plan and I was stuck in a horrible situation for longer than anyone wants to be. I still have a scar around my ankle over a year later.”

Whereas many would have vowed to never let another living soul see the resulting footage, Hilde decided to take a different approach – she entered it for inclusion into the prestigious Bloomberg New Contemporaries, a long running touring exhibition which brings together the best emerging talent in the work of art. Open to recent graduates of British art schools, New Contemporaries this year received over 1600 entrants, with just 37 being shortlisted for inclusion in the exhibition. The 2015 exhibition launches in Nottingham in September, before moving on to London in November.

Asked how she hopes visitors will react to her work, Hanging in the Woods, Hilde said: “I hope they feel uncomfortable. That sounds horrible, wishing my audience discomfort, but it's not a pleasant film – to make or to watch. I hope they laugh at the start and then start to question it when it all goes wrong.” 

New Contemporaries launches in Nottingham on 18 September.