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UCA Students shortlisted for Graduate Fashion Week Awards 2019

Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) has announced their Award Shortlist 2019, which includes fourteen students from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA).

Graduate Fashion Week is the largest showcase of UK and International BA Creative Fashion graduate talent, and it starts on Sunday 2 June. Students from UCA Rochester and Epsom are among the shortlisted students in the GFW Awards 2019.

The categories range from the New Fashion Media Award, Sportswear & Leisurewear Award, to the Fashion Marketing and the Fashion Design Portfolio Award.

©Eliza Lachkova

Eliza Lachkova, studying BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism, was shortlisted for the Fashion Publication Award, sponsored by Drapers. On hearing about her nomination Eliza said: “The honour of being shortlisted for the Drapers award at Graduate Fashion Week is the biggest award for my magazine.”

Eliza added: “The magazine shows the human side of what being a contem­porary creative in today’s industry represents. It demon­strates not only the creative processes of young individuals but also their thoughts and struggles within the fashion industry, reminding us that we are all human and finding moments of joy in what we do is essential.”

'Re-discovering origins of home' by Africa Hernandez Martinez. Photo © Willem Jespers - Stylist: Simone Konu

Africa Hernandez Martinez, studying BA (Hons) Fashion was shortlisted for the Considered Design Award for the collection: “Re-discovering origins of home”. The collection was based around the native pagan festivals of Murcia in Spain, which was influenced by childhood memories of Spanish traditional crafts and customs. Sustainability was also a key thought in the collection. Africa said: “An essential aspect of my design philosophy is the sourcing of second hand and organic fabrics to avoid landfill waste. Being shortlisted for this award make me feel very accomplished in my goal of tackling the fashion industry in an eco-friendly way.”  

© Shannon Hylton

Shannon Hylton, studying BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Promotion was shortlisted for the Fashion Styling & Creative Direction Award sponsored by size? Shannon's work is inspired by strong female fairy tale characters, from stories her grandmother read her as a child. Shannon said: "I want women to look at my imagery, recognise the character's strengths and abilities, and for it to encourage them to pursue their own dreams."

© Ebony Anderson

Ebony Anderson, studying BA (Hons) Fashion was shortlisted for the Sportswear & Leisurewear Award for her collection: “Let not your heart be troubled”. Her designs are inspired by the Windrush generation, created by reusing, recycling and repurposing second-hand nineties sports wind-breakers. Ebony said: “Reusing and upcycling garments was the main theme for the collection, which was inspired by the Rana Plaza building collapse and the effect that fast-fashion has on our world.

“It really is an honour to have been selected for the award. I truly believe that I have finally found my footing, and I hope that having my work on show at Graduate Fashion week will open up opportunities for me in the industry,” comments Ebony.

© Frances Spry

Frances Spry, studying BA (Hons) Fashion was shortlisted for the Fashion Design Portfolio Award for her final major project ‘Weekend Warrior’, an eight-outfit menswear collection. The project is based on creating clothes out of discarded military garments and kit that were no longer fit for purpose. Frances said: “The fashion industry at the moment is generally unsustainable, and I believe it’s important to consider ways in which we can utilise resources that are already in the world rather than creating new ones. I used high-tech fabrics and even a parachute to create my garments.

© Kelly Morgans

Kelly Morgans, studying BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism was shortlisted for the New Fashion Media Award for her final major project ‘140BPM’. Kelly said: “140BPM is a celebration of all things club culture. It connects the past, present and future of rave culture through its awareness of the parallels of today: the political uncertainties of the late eighties, and the complexion of youth subcultures.”

Kelly added: “I wanted to be a journalist since secondary school, so to see my work reach the top twelve, and for people to recognise my passion is a dream come true.”

© Martine Aunaas

Beside these shortlisted categories, Graduate Fashion Week and sponsors Farfetch; the leading global technology platform for the luxury industry, have launched the Considered Design Hub. Noticing an increase of graduates focusing on ethical and sustainable fashion, this hub will give students a platform on which to express their principles and designs. UCA has three students featured in this hub; Connor O’Brien, Martine Aunaas and Anna Hale all studying BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing. UCA also have three students shortlisted for the Considered Design Award; Lizzie Fiddler BA (Hons) Fashion Design, Africa Hernandez Martinez BA (Hons) Fashion, and Rachael Metcalf BA (Hons) Fashion Design.


© Anna Hale

The winners of the Shortlist Awards 2019 will be announced at Graduate Fashion Week’s Gala Awards Show on Wednesday 5 June.

To buy tickets to attend Graduate Fashion Week (Sunday 2 June – Wednesday 5 June) click here.


Lizzie Fidler, UCA Rochester (BA Hons Fashion Design)
Africa Hernandez Martinez, UCA Epsom (BA Hons Fashion)
Rachael Metcalfe, UCA Rochester (BA Hons Fashion Design)

Kelly Morgans, UCA Epsom (BA Hons Fashion Journalism)

Lucy Wickham, UCA Rochester (BA Hons Fashion Media and Promotion)

Emily Clawson, UCA Rochester (BA Hons Fashion Design)
Frances Spry, UCA Epsom (BA Hons Fashion)
Ellie Delgado-Holland, UCA Rochester (BA Hons Fashion Design)

Eliza Lachkova, UCA Epsom (BA Hons Fashion Journalism)
Lewis Toyer, UCA Rochester (BA Hons Fashion Media and Promotion)

Shannon Hylton, UCA Rochester (BA Hons Fashion Media and Promotion) 

Ebony Anderson, UCA Epsom (BA Hons Fashion)

Mariana Espiga, UCA Epsom (BA Hons Fashion Management & Marketing)
Martine Hagman Aunaas, UCA Epsom (BA Hons Fashion Management & Marketing)