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TV spot for Metalwork graduate’s eco-friendly project

One of our Metalwork graduates, Christina Piddington, has showcased her degree project on the prime time Channel 4 show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. Christina’s innovative project – an eco-pod inspired by vintage air stream trailers – took her six months to build, and the Channel 4 film crew has been visiting her in our Farnham studios to capture the creative process. The Piddington Pod – which will be Christina’s home – was featured on yesterday’s episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, which can be viewed on All 4, episode 7.

The Piddington Pod is a 4.5 metre hexagonal structure made of reclaimed copper, and features striking stained glass windows. It was unveiled on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces by craftsman William Hardie, who said his favourite part of the build was the unique copper panels. Speaking of the Piddington Pod, William said: “It’s absolutely fantastic. The patchwork of material means that every single part of this is made by hand so it has a really tactile quality. Each panel has its own texture; Christina has worked with them as if they’re individual pieces of art. The thing I love about that is though there’s all that detail, they work together as a bigger picture. It’s wonderful to see somebody that has met all the challenges, been incredibly ambitious and seen it through, ending up with something sophisticated and beautiful.”

As a mature student aged 59 who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and dyspraxia, Christina has also met personal challenges while working on the project: “I’ve had to structure my life around being in the studios and resting a lot of the time,” she explained. “I’ve pushed myself too far at times and got ill, because you get too carried away. It’s because it’s so wonderful to work on, but then everything hurts and you’re knackered. Thankfully I’ve had help all the way. Due to my arthritis, I was entitled to support from a Student Learning Assistant, who is a UCA technician and has helped with the build, and I’ve also had support for my dyspraxia, which has improved my academic writing.” Christina has chosen to study MA Textiles at our Farnham campus this year, continuing her research around channeling energy into creativity.

Get a full view of the Piddington Pod and hear Christina talking about her creative process, and her experiences at our Farnham campus, in our video:

You can find out more about Christina's unique creation here.