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The first completely digital art commission at Art in Manufacturing

UCA Epsom printmaking technician, Liz Wilson, was one of the artists commissioned to make work in and alongside major industry as part of the third instalment of The National Festival of Making’s Art In Manufacturing series.

Liz Wilson was paired up with manufacturing firm Spiraflow – a manufacturer of equipment such as mechanical conveyors, bulk bag fillers and bulk bag unloaders – and spent a three-month residency in the factory exploring the industrial making processes and creating brand-new work in response.

Liz Wilson by Daniel Allison

Talking about her outcome, Liz said: “The Optical Mechanical is an ensemble of animation, sound and factory transformations, exploring the temporal aspects of production. I used modulated voices and animation to explore the tempo and energy of each apparatus as I explored the human-machine relationship of both ‘conductor’ and ‘orchestra’, and how these performative roles are manifested during the process of manufacturing.”

Liz Wilson is the first artist working purely in the realms of digital art to produce her multimedia response to Spiraflow. She said: “I have spent a lot of time documenting, recording and editing video and sound. I found this approach to working quite stimulating as it required me to work in multiple locations and in different conditions. This often led to serendipitous outcomes within the process of making.”

Art in Manufacturing Season Three Residency, commissioned by The National Festival of Making and Super Slow Way and photographed by Daniel Allison 

The outcomes of Liz and each artist’s residency will be premiered at the festival, taking place over Saturday 15 – Sunday 16 June 2019.

Liz added: “This distinctive residency celebrated the diverse nature in which manufacturing operates, focusing on both traditional techniques and the future of manufacturing through the use of automation. It has enabled me to produce a body of work that recognises the changing face of the industrial landscape through the lens of technology and automation, and in particular how automated systems are altering our relationship with machines.”

Film courtesy of The National Festival of Making and Super Slow Way. Filmmaker: Wash Studio Film Funder: Creative Lancashire

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