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Lecturer wins Jules Wright Award for Female Creative Technicians

One of the senior lecturers from our Film School in Farnham has been recognised for excellence in cinematography after scooping the inaugural Jules Wright Award for Female Creative Technicians. Noski Deville was shortlisted alongside 2002 graduate Suzie Lavelle, with the winner announced at the prestigious Jarman Awards.

“I'm honoured to be the first recipient of the Jules Wright Award. She was a very inspiring and wonderful woman and a great believer in creating access for unheard voices,” said Noski, who has previously worked alongside the likes of directors Steve McQueen and Isaac Julien.

The new award, which has been set up by Film London and the Wapping Project, recognises women working in the field of artistic filmmaking. The prize aims to highlight the technical and craft-based roles that are indispensable yet often overlooked in the industry. £5000, funded by the Women’s Playhouse Trust, was awarded to the winner. 

“I have had the opportunity to work with many artists who have taken me on such diverse and interesting filmic journeys that, as a cinematographer, have offered me incredible creative and technical challenges,” said Noski. “There are relatively few female cinematographers and there are still barriers to be broken down before more women will be accepted into the field, so I am particularly pleased that this award aims to recognise female talent within the technical creative arts.”

UCA alumna Suzie Lavelle, whose professional credits include Sherlock and Dr Who, was also nominated – giving female creative technicians associated with UCA half of the total field. Speaking of Suzie, Noskie said: “I have worked with her both as an aspiring student cinematographer and as a professional crew member assisting on shoots for me. As her career developed I recommended her to artists as a cinematographer in her own right and I am therefore very proud that we were both shortlisted for the award.”

Farnham Film School is recognised within the industry as being a breeding ground for those who excel in the technical aspects of filmmaking, with graduates of the course being nominated for BAFTAs in 2014 and 2015. You can find out more about our film courses here