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Women in Photography Exhibition

The Fast Forward Women in Photography research group at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), and UCA Farnham MFA Photography graduate, Elizabeth Ransom, co-founded the idea for an exhibition which would bring pioneering women photographers to a wider audience and expose the bias of working in a male-dominated world.

The idea was then taken up by Peter Hall, Exhibitions Manager at Lightbox, Woking and resulted in the exhibition which is on show there now, entitled Women in Photography: A History of British Trailblazers’.

UCA Professors Anna Fox and Karen Knorr helped with the research of the exhibition and UCA Professor Jean Wainwright produced nineteen original interviews with women photographers, which are displayed in the show.

From l-r: Elizabeth Ransom, Karen Knorr, Anna Fox, Jean Wainwright

“Historically in museums and galleries, work by women has been collected, displayed and dispersed far less than that of men. Women’s photography has particularly suffered. Since the invention of the photographic image 150 years ago, access for the majority of women to the cultural, social, political and economic landscapes was controlled or completely restricted by men.

“Organisations like ‘Fast Forward: Women in Photography’ aim to arrest the process of forgetting that so frequently erases women from the burgeoning histories of photography.” (Art Fund, 2019)


Image: detail of India Song, The Lovesick Prince, Aam Khas, Dungarpur, 2013 © Karen Knorr, courtesy of Augusta Edwards

The exhibition presents an in-depth historical survey showcasing the achievements of female photographers working in Britain. Photographers include Anna Atkins, Dorothy Bohm, Sarah Lucas, and Hannah Starkey, as well as photography by Karen Knorr.

© Hannah Collins

In a collaborative event with Fast Forward Women in Photography entitled, ‘Fast Forward: Her Stories in Photography’, chaired by Jean Wainwright, Anna Fox and Karen Knorr who discussed the significance of uncovering hidden histories, and of revealing new role models for women photographers. They also explored what it is to be a female photographer today, and why we need to re-evaluate our emergent photography histories and ensure that women are recorded alongside their male counterparts. 

The exhibition runs till June 2.

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