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UCA Graphics students get creative for Farnborough Airshow

At our Farnham campus we’ve joined forces with Farnborough International to produce a range of ‘selfie boards’ for the upcoming Farnborough International Airshow (FIA). 32 of our first-year Graphic Communication students have been commissioned by the Airshow organisers Farnborough International to create original designs, with the aim of driving social media engagement during the event.

To make the project as true to industry as possible, the students played the part of the agency and were briefed by Farnborough International playing the role of the clent. They then developed and presented a selection of designs from this brief, and were provided feedback – giving them a chance to experience the process as authentically as possible.

Lisa Gellender, Senior Lecturer of our Graphic Communication course, said: “The opportunity to work with FIA provided our students with the chance to gain valuable experience working on a live project to tight deadlines. The FIA team worked closely with our team, offering feedback throughout the project, thereby helping our students develop their problem solving and presentation skills within a professional context. As a unit leader, I am thrilled with the outcomes that our first-years have produced over this five-week project. Everyone is excited to see how the public will interact with the social media campaign which is both visually engaging and informative.”

Inspired by the traditional ‘head-in-hole’ boards commonly found at seasides and school fêtes, the idea was to give them a fresh reinvention for the digital age. Selfie boards have seen growing popularity in an era of mobile phone photography. These boards will feature at the Farnborough International Airshow this summer, allowing visitors to engage and interact in a fun way.

Farnborough Airshow selfie board

Andrew Pearcey, Marketing & Communications Director of Farnborough International, commented: “The students did a fantastic job of creating some strong, imaginative designs which we can’t wait to see the public interact with and enjoy. The combination of their design skills coupled with their in-depth understanding of digital channels is what really made this project.”

He went on to stress the importance of projects like these to the Airshow: “Despite being such a huge event on an international scale, this year we’ve put local community engagement at the heart of what we do, particularly with regards to the public show. It’s really important that our local community are aware of who we are and what we do – we want them to be proud of the Airshow!”

This year, the Farnborough International Airshow will take place between 11 and 17 July find out more here.

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