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Italian fashion label to put Epsom fashion student’s designs into production

A recent graduate from our Epsom campus will be working with Italian trouser designers Equipage to deliver their 2017 Summer Collection.

Madihah Culasy landed the exciting position after winning a competition run in partnership between the renowned fashion house and UCA’s School of Fashion.

The competition challenged UCA’s fashion students to design a ‘capsule’ collection of five items based on the themes of ‘Almost Blue’ and ‘Town and Country.’ Participants were asked to consider the entire production process, from concept through to prototyping, for designs that were both original and commercially feasible.

Third year student Madihah responded to the brief with a concept she called the ‘Cool Guy’ collection. Designing pieces that were relaxed yet tailored, she took her inspiration from 1960s male fashion.

“I found the 60s jazz era was a great inspiration to draw on,” said Madihah, 21 from South London. “I felt the collection took a heritage aesthetic and brought it into light of current fashion, making it both tailored and versatile. The collection has loose tailored aesthetics with slight sport details.”

The Equipage team visited UCA Epsom earlier this year to present the competition, providing an opportunity for the students to work on a live brief prior to graduating later this summer. As the winner of the competition, Madihah will fly over to Equipage’s headquarters in Italy to oversee the production of her collection.

“The collaboration with Equipage is very exciting,” said Madihah. “As fashion students you are constantly exposed to great collections and ideas that designers all around the world are creating, and you hope that one day you will have the chance to incorporate your own ideas into a collection.

“It was quite difficult to select the winner among the awesome work we received,” said Luigi Eva, Sales Manager at Equipage. “In general, all the works were of a very high standard and well presented, from the inspiration and mood of the collection, to the fabrics and accessories to be used.

“Madihah was very clear and simple in her presentation. The “Cool Guy” theme is young, stylish and relaxed - different from our existing collection, but connected at the same time. We met Madihah in Paris last February and we felt so close and confident in her. She is exactly the same as her work: “the Cool Girl”, simple, elegant, relaxed.”

Madihah hopes to work as a stylist for both menswear and womenswear at a fashion brand after graduating.

“To be given the opportunity to contribute to such an amazing collection at this stage in my career feels like a life-long aspiration is being fulfilled and I’m looking forward to seeing the collection come to life during my time in Italy.”