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Fine Art student chosen to exhibit work at international arts festival in Italy

An MA Fine Art student, whose work is centred around restoring life and character back into materials, has been chosen to exhibit his work at an international arts festival in Venice in September.  

Chris Horner, who is 29 and from Alton, creates his art out of found objects and uses wax to illustrate the transformation of materials.

“It still hasn’t properly sunk in, but I am of course very excited for this opportunity,” Chris says on being invited to exhibit at the festival. “Not only do I get to network with international artists, but I’ll also meet new curators and directors, and have my work viewed abroad.

“I work predominately with found objects and combine the surface of the material with wax. The object’s surface material becomes fixed when the wax hits, giving this perception of the surface being caught in motion. I then use paint to document this event, by capturing every crease or shift within the surface.”

Chris, who also completed his undergraduate degree at UCA, plans to continue working as an artist once finishing his MA next year.

“I guess the main inspiration for me and what drives my work is the endless possibility of new creations,” he adds. “I’m never sure what materials I’m going to work with next, which always leaves me with a feeling of intrigue and excitement. I find myself travelling into a world of the unknown which constantly keeps my ideas fresh and imaginative.

“I like to take objects to their full potential through restoring life and character back into the property of the surface. I find myself building a relationship with the surface that I’m working with. For me, this has to be an intense connection where new languages, meanings and interpretations can materialize. I find that by converting and transforming materials, there is an increase in avenues which can be explored and documented. The colliding of materials helps to form these interesting layers.”

Chris will be exhibiting in a group show at the It’s Liquid International Arts Festival, which runs from Thursday 14 September to Sunday 26 November.