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UCA Computer Games Art graduate launches new game online

A free-to-play game for cat lovers, designed by a graduate from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Farnham, is set to launch on the Apple Market this week, following its successful introduction to the Android Play Market earlier this month. 

Cat Tap, created by BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts graduate Megan Wheeler, sees players take control of a mischievous cat with the objective being to make as much mess as possible. 

Megan, who is 21 and from Gosport, says: “The gameplay mechanics are simple. Players have to tap objects to knock them off a table to gain points. The rate in which these objects appear on the table increases over time, as does the amount of taps required to knock them off. The player must be fast and use their cat-like reflexes so that the table doesn't completely fill up with items or it’s game over."

“Players must also look out for hot items and wait for them to cool down before hitting them otherwise they'll lose a life and burn their paw.  Each round lasts for a total of two minutes and if the player can survive until the end, they will receive the maximum amount of cat coins and experience points available. Cat coins can be spent in the shop to buy different outfits and accessories, whilst experience points are needed to level up and unlock new cat breeds.”

The 2D game has been developed through the Computer Games Arts (CGA) Incubator Studio at UCA. The studio supports students with pre-revenue start-ups by providing them with the opportunity to continue to develop their games after third year.

Having researched the commercial potential of Cat Tap, Megan adds: “From my research, I’ve discovered that cats are a huge trend at the moment, with many cats reaching Instagram fame. Many have audiences of well over a million active followers, so I believe tapping into this audience will be very effective. I believe Cat Tap’s simple gameplay makes it addictive and easily understood by all age groups, whilst the act of collecting outfits and levelling up will keep the more hardcore players engaged."

“The concept has gone through huge changes from when I first came up with the idea in the summer before I started my third year at UCA. I had visions of the game being in 3D despite my lack of 3D knowledge. In fact, it wasn't until I was invited back into the Incubator Studio that I decided to change it all into 2D and redesign everything into what it is today. But I'm glad I did, my strengths are in my 2D skills and I believe that now shows.”

To view or download the game, click here.