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Postgraduate Jewellery student awarded prize by The Goldsmiths’ Company

An MA Jewellery student has received an award from The Goldsmiths’ Company, after impressing with her interactive designs.

Candy Matterson, who took a career break from teaching secondary school Technology in order to return to education, received the £400 prize to buy silver, which will enable her to create a piece of ceremonial jewellery or domestic silverware.

“This prize gives me the opportunity to make something large or costly for my final show and is a fabulous opportunity,” Candy, from Farnham,  says. “It’s fantastic to have won as my progress will also be followed by The Goldsmiths’ Company.”

The Goldsmiths’ Company was founded to regulate the craft or trade of the goldsmith and has been responsible for testing the quality of gold and silver since 1300. It has been testing the quality of platinum since 1975, and palladium since 2010. Candy was awarded the prize after her jewellery, which is designed to encourage people to touch it, impressed judges.

“I have been investigating movement and interactive touch within jewellery,” Candy explains. “My pieces have movement and can be fiddled with or ruffled by the wearer or a third party. Inviting touch is part of that investigation and I think that breaking the taboo of touching finished silver is appealing.

Originally studying Silversmithing in the late 1970s, Candy, who is 59, has 35 years of teaching experience and says that she was initially daunted about the thought of returning to education.

“I thought I was too old to be accepted to study. I was amazed to get a place at UCA and still can’t believe that I am here! The last year has been exciting, demanding and fulfilling. I never got to create for myself and the desire to do that, rather than enable others, was huge.”

“I hope to return to some teaching when I complete my course, but I will also continue to make jewellery at home at my bench. I love working with silver as the metal has so many amazing properties, but at the moment my focus has actually been on acrylic and metal.”

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