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Photography student wins Photomonitor Commendation Award

One of our UCA Rochester students has been named the winner of the Photomonitor Commendation Award for his final year project which explores themes of kinship and mental health. 

BA (Hons) Photography student Cameron Alexander, who is 25 and from Crewe, created his award-winning series of photographs, Born Free, to document the relationship he has with his uncle.

“I originally wanted to try and portray the relationship I have with my uncle, Alfie, and how it has developed since my dad left the family when I was young,” Cameron says. “As I worked closely with Alfie, and as he let me in, it opened up conversations about his life that were previously undiscussed.

“I noticed that I was telling many stories through the work and in a way, was speaking to a wider audience. Some of my audience might recognise this type of influence in a young person’s life and see my perspective of Alfie and his adopted leadership of the family when my dad left. Other viewers will recognise the juxtaposition of a soft and gentle person, like Alfie, living with such harsh and complicated mental health conditions.”

Born Free was displayed at Free Range in London and as part of UCA Rochester’s Graduation Show, which ran from 9 to 23 June.

Cameron adds: “It is an incredible feeling to get recognition for something that you have worked so hard for. I also feel immensely humble that Alfie and his story has gained such a powerful response and accolade. To know that Alfie's story can have such an impact is very inspiring to me and is something that we are both very proud of. This award has given me a drive and inspiration to push forwards in creating work that challenges myself as an artist and the audience in which I speak to.”

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