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Hong Kong debut for graduate’s animated film

An BA (Hons) Animation graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham has achieved international recognition for a film she developed whilst in her final year at university.

Daisy Fairbairn, who graduated in 2018, recently flew to Hong Kong for a screening of her animated film ‘Cage’ at the Global University Students Film Festival.

She said: “Attending the festival in Hong Kong and seeing my work on the big screen was a wonderful experience. It was fantastic to be in such an amazing city and to meet other young filmmakers.”

‘Cage’ follows a lorikeet as it is snatched from the world and smuggled as part of the pet trade. Daisy added: “The film looks at how humans take advantage of birds, treating them like something pretty to be displayed in the home.

“During my research I was really struck by how terribly these animals were treated, and all for money. Animation was the perfect vehicle for dramatizing this. I used calm, light coloured scenes to represent freedom, then contrasted it was much darker scenes as the bird’s freedom was stripped away, piece by piece.”

‘Cage’ has also been selected for Short to the Point, an international short film festival, and was screened in Romania in May 2018. It also featured in the St Neots Film Festival and the Edinburgh Independent Film Awards.

Since graduating, Daisy has secured work at a creative studio in Shoreditch, which sees her editing film and creating animations with motion graphics. She’s working on her next film in her spare time.

Cage by Daisy Fairbairn