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UCA student film shortlisted for British Animation Award

A film co-directed by students from UCA Farnham was shortlisted in the Student Excellence Category of the British Animation Awards.

Wilder Life was created by BA (Hons) Animation alumni Emily Langdon-Smith, Grace Evetts and Dan Corbett before they graduated last June. The animation tells the story of a young flamingo who begins to question her upbringing and refuses to conform to her everyday life.

“I had to keep checking to believe it to be honest,” Emily says on how it feels to have the team’s work shortlisted. “The British Animation Awards is such a wonderfully renowned event; I could never have dreamed of even making the shortlist for such an award and am incredibly grateful to have been recognised in any way by them.”

The British Animation Awards are held every two years and celebrate all areas of the UK animation scene, including student work, commercials, children’s entertainment, music videos, films and more. This year’s awards take place at the BFI in Southbank on Thursday 15 March.

Emily adds: “Our whole team wanted to do more with Wilder Life compared to our previous films. We each had a few aims that we wanted to accomplish in creating it. Personally, I wanted to be able to experiment with creating more complex and characterised models and rigs, using more inventive techniques.

"Wilder Life also accomplished more of a structured storyline, compared to Miasma, our last film. We hoped to portray more meaning and a better sense of moral in Maisy’s journey through the film, in a way that children could identify with.”

“Being the producer on the film allowed me to gain a much more solid grasp of the animation production process and the time needed for each segment to be achieved successfully. Giving me confidence in my ability to go on and keep making more animations like Wilder Life in the future.

Animation at UCA Farnham is one of the best known and highly regarded courses of its kind, with alumni including Oscar and BAFTA winners, and creators of beloved animations such as Peppa Pig and the Compare the Market’s ‘Meerkats’ campaign.