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UCA graduates launch online art gallery

Two graduates from our Farnham campus have used their experiences in the art world to launch an online art gallery. Charlotte Johnson and Matt Fox, who graduated with degrees in Fine Art and Photography respectively, built Art Fox to help artists exhibit and promote their work to a wider audience.                                          

Initially established by Charlotte and Matt through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube before launching the website in February, Art Fox features artwork by a range of artists who want to gain exposure for their crafts and share their talents with a wider audience, outside of the traditional gallery space.

Matt and Charlotte first came up with the idea of building an online gallery in November 2015. Having both worked in galleries since leaving UCA, they were keen to try and run one themselves – but with a unique twist which opens up the opportunity for artists to gain mass exposure through digital platforms. 

Art Fox online art gallery

Art Fox allows artists to showcase their work free of charge, and Charlotte and Matt also help them produce high quality photography and videos so that the artists’ work is captured in a way that best reflects its style, depth and intricacies.

Speaking about their aspirations for Art Fox, Charlotte - who is also working for a commercial gallery alongside this enterprise - said: “We hope to continually grow the site with new artists and features, building a community of like-minded people where we can promote each other to a wider audience. We want to provide regular reviews, blogs, artist interviews and documentaries to keep people coming back to the site. We also have plans to host physical exhibitions throughout the UK by the second half of 2016."

You can see the range of work by the artists who are exhibiting their work on Art Fox here.

Matt and Charlotte developed their artistic and photographic skills at our Farnham campus, before going to gain further experience in the commercial art world after graduating. You can find out more about our Fine Art courses here, and our Photography courses here.