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Fashion student photographs Alexa Chung shoot for Nails Inc

Second year BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging student Kathryn Younger has had the chance to photograph Nail Inc’s seasonal shoot starring Alexa Chung.

With her behind the scenes role as photographer for the day, Kathryn blended into the background to capture the shoot.

“I loved the freedom to just go about my own thing and observe how everyone worked,” said Kathryn, 20 and from Stevenage. “It was a fantastic insight in to seeing how everyone worked on a shoot to this scale. I can confirm that Alexa is as beautiful in real life as she is in photos!”

Kathryn was selected for a work experience placement by BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging 2012 graduate Bethany Duckworth, now Lead Graphic Designer for cosmetics at Nails Inc, who got in touch with UCA with the opportunity.

“Kathryn had a great eye for detail and captured a sense of atmosphere and in a fresh and modern way,” said Bethany, who chose Kathryn to work with her because she was impressed with her portfolio.  “It showed a comprehensive body of work with a definitive style. My brief required reportage, documentary style photography and Kathryn’s examples were very strong.” 

After her own experience on the course, Bethany was keen to get in touch with course leader Jo Hurley.

“I know from personal practice, that doing as much work experience as possible whilst studying is a must and it definitely helped me in getting started in my career,” explained Bethany. “I really enjoyed providing a similar opportunity to a Fashion Promotion & Imaging student and being an alumna and a great advocate of UCA, I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else to advertise the position."

Behind the camera Alexa Chung

Bethany started working at Nails Inc two days after graduating at UCA as a PA to the company’s founder and CEO, with the help of the experience gained on her degree placement module in second year. Applying her knowledge of design, photography and fashion where she could, she got the chance to move into a design role and is now doing what she loves. As lead graphic designer, Bethany manages all photography and image production, including producing and art directing seasonal campaign shoots.

Kathryn found out about the opportunity at Nails Inc through her course at UCA. Now in her second year, she transferred to BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging at Epsom after realising a Photography degree at Bath Spa wasn’t right for her. 

“I found the Fashion Promotion & Imaging course and was completely blown away that it even existed,” said Kathryn. “The lecturers are concise, competent and well-connected and on top of this, the alumni job roles looked promising. I felt confident in the course as it had been around for more than one cycle and I could be sure that I would not be gambling £9,000 plus on a burgeoning course!” 

Kathryn’s photography will be used on Nail Inc’s website, social media posts and in digital newsletters to promote the company’s new Autumn Winter launches later this year.

Alexa Chung make up