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The Inner Thoughts of a Nearly-Third-Year Student

As I get older, I feel that time passes by faster and faster. This is even more true at university. I’ve always heard third year students and alumni claim that the three years at university fly by frighteningly quickly and I always used to shrug it off. As a second year student now entering their third and final year at UCA, I can indeed confirm that the years go by much quicker than you’d expect.

It only feels like I began my course yesterday and sometimes I still feel a little wobbly on my feet despite all of the knowledge and confidence I’ve gained over the past two years. It’s intimidating knowing that at the other end of the next year, a world of industry is waiting for me. Don’t get me wrong, it is scary – but also very exciting.

It’s scary to be entering the final year – a year that is your departure from the safety of university into a more competitive enviroment. Will I find a job? How long will it take to get a job? Should I do a Masters? Where do I go now? These are all questions that every graduate will have. You are far from alone in feeling a bit worried about these things. Whilst I am among the worried nearly-third-year’s, I also believe that your final year at university gives you all the tools you need to answer all of those dauting questions.

Remember to only compare yourself with your former self rather than other people. Everyone is different, and there is no point in comparing yourself to others – your individual development is what makes you valuable. Think about what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown as a person during your time at university - I personally find this reassuring. It boosts my confidence because I know I’ve done all that I can to learn and enhance myself.

In the face of your third and final year, continue to do your best, be proud of yourself for making it as far as you have, aim for the best possible results for your final year, and look forward to having a job doing something that you love – even if you aren’t sure what it is going to be yet. Despite third year bringing you to the end of a great chapter in your life, it is an opportunity to take advantage of the incredible creative free rein, and guidance at university. It’s also the beginning of the next adventure… Bring it on!

Deanna Crisbacher