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Whether it's because you came in late the night before or simply that you have a love affair with your bed, each morning it becomes increasingly difficult to escape the duvet cocoon you wake up in.

Dateless, directed by Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou, BA (Hons) Animation

Dateless, directed by Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou, BA (Hons) Animation

The struggle to wake up then leads to several alarms. The first usually signalling that you need to get up soon; the second indicating that you need to actually be awake and the third prompting you to get out of bed. 


So the likelihood is that you're now living independently, which means that you have rent, bills and weekly shopping to cover alongside any extra items you want to buy. This generally will all come under student finance - or how ever much your family are supporting you with - which you'll see come in at the start of term.

Money Tree

Aimee Blakemore, BA (Hons) Fine Art, UCA Farnham 

Some people spend their money as they please and hope for the best whereas others, such as myself, work out a limit to what you can spend per week and as much as take out on Saturday night would be the answer to all your prayers, sometimes you just gotta dig deep into the freezer and concoct a classic 'student meal'.


If you're lucky enough to get into student accommodation, you may have a general cleaner who will hoover hallways and wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces, but for those who live in private housing the cleanliness of your house is entirely down to those living there.

Kale Bailey, BA (Hons) Architecture

Kale Bailey, BA (Hons) Architecture

If you go on to live with people you don't know very well you may find substantially varied levels of cleanliness with each person - where some clean the shared facilities twice a week, others might not for a month so organising who cleans what and when can be a rather difficult affair.



Tonnes of people come to university thinking that they can get by on pre-made or quick and easy meals when in reality, pre-made meals are expensive and easy meals become bland and boring.

Azileh Latif, BA (Hons) Photography

Azileh Latif, BA (Hons) Photography

But similarly, those who can cook struggle because of how expensive everything is. Things you may have taken advantage of back at home become luxuries. Also, planning meals ahead of going shopping can be a rather good idea, else you end up throwing together a pick 'n' mix meal of what you have in the fridge. 



Isabelle Nascimento-Burns, Diploma in art & Design - Foundation Studies

Isabelle Nascimento-Burns, Diploma in art & Design - Foundation Studies

Going to university can be incredibly freeing after having spending time prior in full time education - some weeks you may only need to be in for a couple hours. This means you can get a little carried away with the social side of things and slack on the work side... Leaving time to pay some attention to your work is a good idea but always seems to come second to a message from your friend inviting you out.

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