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Reflecting on the Shine 2016 Exhibition - A Dream Come True!

Last year ended on a high as I went off to London for the private viewing of the Shine2016 exhibition, held at the Goldsmiths Centre.

Shine 2016 banner

The banner outside, greeting people as the building came in to view from the street 

Shine 2016 work

Part of my Reebok inspired Classic Collection featured in the exhibition

I’ve been to the Goldsmiths Centre for exhibitions many times, but this was different. I’ve never had my work on display there before, and I felt nervous. But once I got inside I saw lots of friendly, familiar faces and soon relaxed. I was given a name badge to wear, as were all of the ‘Shine crew’ as I’ve taken to calling us, and other people wore coloured dot stickers to indicate if they were buyers or makers.

I finally got to meet some of the others who were selected to be on the course and it was comforting to hear that everyone was feeling the same. The director of the company spotted us huddled together looking meek in a corner and came to speak to us about the course. He told us that he was just as scared of these events when he started out, as we were now, but part of the course focuses on helping us learn how to compose and promote ourselves at events and we all agreed we needed help with that!

Me in the exhibition catalogue!

One of the people we got talking to was Richard Fox,, who was very modest and said “I do the occasional bit of work for Goldsmiths” but we all knew of him and his work, and if you look at his website you may recognise quite a few of his pieces too. He told us that after he graduated he also did the course which we did in January and that he found it invaluable. I feel so lucky to have been chosen for the course, not only because of just how much I have learnt from the week but also the opportunities it provided us for talking to people within the industry, making them so accessible to us. I’ve a feeling 2017 will be a good year, especially as I will finally have my own workshop.


Workshop build

So far half of it has insulation, electrics and boarding, so once those are all finished and I get some flooring sorted, I can move my equipment in and begin to make to my heart’s content. It’s not going to be spacious once everything is in, but it will be fully functional and that’s all that matters.

My homepage

I’ve updated my website with new photographs too. It’s still a work in progress but it’s getting there slowly. All good things come to those who wait and sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s only been six months since I graduated and in that respect I have come a long way. This is only the beginning.

Suzy Seed

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