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Never Underestimate the Importance of the Artist

As a student studying an art-based subject at university I’ve become much more aware of the importance art and design has and its staggering impact on the world around us. Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that creative subjects aren’t vital, and that studying art and design is easy – but I’m here to debate from another angle. Nearly everything originates from art in some way, and it is easy to underestimate its impact on our society. Yes, art is abstract oil paintings and marble sculptures, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some aspects of our everyday lives that are ‘art’ – even though you might not recognise it. 

Architecture, Interior Decoration, Landscape Design

All buildings come from an architect who created the blueprints and prepared detailed plans. Every building – from an office block to a home or hospital – starts with an architect. Not to mention the interior designers who are responsible for furnishing and decorating many of the places that we go. The landscape can also be designed by artists, such as the gardens outside iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace.

Without architects there would be no beautiful landmarks like this

Television, Film, and Video/Computer Games

Most people enjoy television programmes, films, or computer games, especially with the internet opening up access to so much screen-based entertainment. It can be easy to overlook how much time and effort goes into the production process ­– creators working on TV shows, films, and video games include concept artists, production artists, sound designers, video editors, VFX artists, actors, voice actors, animators, 3D modellers, and much more.

A glimpse of the digital animation process behind my work

Deanna Crisbacher - Never Underestimate the Artist

Fashion, Textiles and Accessories

Fashion is not just the crazy creations on the high-end catwalks. Even the plain white T-shirts and clothing in high street shops and department stores are all designed and made by fashion designers who are also artists. This also includes anything from shoes, bags, jewellery, and accessories. If it weren’t for artists, we wouldn’t have the clothes on our backs.

Maps, Packaging, Magazines and More

We owe signs, maps, advertisements, and magazines to the creative flair and vision of artists including graphic designers. If it wasn’t for graphic designers, many visual aids we rely on may not be as effective as they are now. A great example is the London Underground map – technical draughtsman, Harry Beck, created it to be as simple and easy to understand by people of all nationalities. Pages in magazines, newspapers and billboards are also designed by creatives with their own specialist field of expertise.

Some of my favorite books - jam packed with art work and all designed by graphic artists.

Writing & Illustration

It is easily forgotten that creative writing is also a form of art. From our favourite childhood books to TV shows, plays and Hollywood blockbusters, take away the creative writer and you’d see theatre, TV and film fade away. Hand-in-hand with books, film and TV, illustrators are yet another example of how artists shape our view of the world.

There are many more examples of artists – actors, musicians, singers – I could go on! Art is everything from impressionist paintings to animation to architecture, so it’s vital that we never underestimate the importance of art and how complex it is to create. Even though people express this creativity in different ways, every single person has an artist within them, even if they do not realise it yet.