Student blog

My first trip to UCA

Let’s face it, uni life can be pretty scary right? For me, definitely!

I remember the first time I had seen this university, my sister and I were driving all around the one-way system in and out of Farnham, getting totally lost with Siri. By luck, there was a massive vibrant pink sign outside the main entrance welcoming us to the university Open Day. We'd made it!

I am a very confident person, so why did attending a university Open Day seem so scary and enough to give me that nervous sick feeling in my stomach? Because every other university I had attended prior to this seemed demoralising, unhelpful to my whereabouts and completely impartial to the many exciting questions I had. However, UCA completely changed this for me. As soon as I walked into the main entrance I was greeted by Student Ambassadors (disclaimer: at the time I didn't know that was their professional name). The whole day I was able to freely ask my questions, talk to existing students about there experiences at university, and even bagged a few freebies!


After visiting many other universities I couldn’t wait to apply for UCA. I got my application in straight away and awaited the long anticipation of whether I would receive an offer. When the email came through that I had been accepted I couldn’t be more happier. 250 miles down south I was going… to live… on my own… for 3 years… Wow!

I remember about 3 weeks before I was due to start university I got an email through: ‘Dear Student, are you interested in representing our university? Sign up to become a UCA Student Ambassador today!’ And below a link followed. I knew I had recognised what this meant but couldn’t put my finger on it. I looked it up and I instantly recognised one of the students in the pictures from my Open Day. ‘That’s a Student Ambassador?’ Recognising how helpful they were on the Open Day, I aspired to be like him, the helpful gentleman that helped me that day get rid of the nervous feelings. I wanted to do the same, for people in the exact position I was in.

I attended the funnest interview and within a week, boom… You’re looking at a new ambassador of UCA. Now, I’m seeing that bright pink open day sign everywhere! I’m really happy I’m a student ambassador here. In only 3 months of being at university I feel like It’s helped me grow as a person, I’ve met some amazing friends, and the best part is, I know 70% of room numbers (pretty impressive if you ask me!)

- Demitra