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Essential apps for students

One of student's most feared challenges is the dreaded Harvard Referencing System, or the Oxford Referencing System, or any referencing system for that matter. And that's what makes RefMe one of the most essential apps for students, full stop. Say goodbye to looking up the date and publisher, say goodbye to spelling out that complicated Russian theorist's surname, say hello to RefMe. With this handy little app, it's as simple as scanning a barcode, and RefMe will do the rest.

Joe Stevens

The ultimate app for the outgoing celebrator of the arts. DICE is a one-stop place for you to plan your night out, with extensive gig and festival listings from some of London's top venues such as Roundhouse or Brixton Academy. You can filter the search results to deliver tailored, personalised listings, all of which are available to book within the app. What's best about DICE is that all bookings are made without any sneaky booking or admin fees, the price you see is the price you get. Essential for any tight-fisted lover of the night.

Joe Stevens

Amazon does incredible things for students, and while their app isn't necessarily revolutionary, the Amazon Student service they offer certainly is. Free for the first six months and half-price after that, Amazon Student gives you all the benefits of Amazon Prime - free or speedier delivery, exclusive discounts, free Amazon Video, as well as Amazon Music. Couple all that with the world-renowned Amazon customer service and easy-to-use platform, and you have an app you simply can't afford to ignore.

Think of UNiDAYS as a 21st Century NUS Card. However, the difference being is that there are more offers, and more brands, all accessible by the handy app, and best of all, completely free. Wether you want 20% off your next Apple Mac, or a free McFlurry with your McDonalds, all UNiDAYS requires is a University email address to register with. Once that's done, a world of discounts, offers and exclusives are all yours, right from the comfort of your mobile.

The Train Line
The Train Line is one of the apps I use the most, or at least one I rely on the most. Within the app you can plan and pay for your journey, look at live departures, check on delays and disruptions, look at the entire train network, and also use your phone as an E-Ticket. An eloquently designed and easy to navigate build makes this an essential app for planning your train journey. Whether it's to Aldershot and back for a Nando's, to an exhibition in London, or for some invaluable work experience up north, The Train Line is always at hand.

Depop is a platform for buying and selling second-hand items such as clothing, jewellery, footwear, gifts, and nick-nacks. However, it's certainly not limited to these categories, with electronics, furniture and art, all essential to the Depop marketplace. With low fees for sellers, and incredible deals for buyers, whether it's earning a bit of extra pocket money, or saving on your next wardrobe mainstay, Depop has you covered. Free to join, free to list your items, and free to set up your own store!

Joe Stevens

Student Chef
I’m sure I’m not the only student out there who’s spent more money that they should have done on food. Laziness, no interest, or general lack of ability all point to Wetherspoons or Dominos, but as a student, you simply can’t afford to buy out for every meal. In comes Student Chef, a cookery app designed with budgets and a limited number of ingredients in mind. Clearly laid out, well designed, and with step-by-step instructions, even the most ham-fisted amongst us will be cooking up Instagram-ready meals in minutes.

I can’t imagine a top 10 University being without its own app, and although not in the top ten, UCA does a stellar job with its incredibly useful app. Some of its most important features include a timetable, which I’ve used more times than I care to mention, email, computer locator, and perhaps most useful - a notification system which includes those from your tutors.

JOB Today
Jobs are a student’s best friend and worst enemy. An extra source of income, but a constant invasion of the two things we left our hometowns for - an education and a social life. If you’re not one to labour over CVs, stick around at jobs for years, and just want a job pronto, then get the JOB Today app. JOB Today is an app designed for jobseekers looking for short-term work, with immediate starts. Get tapping, and get earning straight away with this handy app.

Joe Stevens