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The beginning of the end

This month marks the end of an era – after three long hard years the degree has come to an end. Finally we get to relax – no more deadlines and best of all NO MORE ESSAYS. Here are my pieces from my Final Major Project which is called The Classic Collection. It consists of three vessels, made referencing components of the Reebok Classic trainer. Taking elements of the deconstructed shoe to create a 2D template, I re-imagined these shapes into 3D forms using flat sheets. Each sheet is digitally drawn and chemically milIed prior to construction echoing the manufacturing process of the shoe itself. The strong graphic detail such as the font, pattern of the sole, stitching and lace hole rivets, all act as reference points to the original characteristics and are evident in the finished series of works.

Suzy Seed work

However we do have the graduation show which entailed a lot of planning and preparation, and I think we all agree we have had enough of painting, sanding and scrubbing but it was great to see how everyone came together as a team. Once the prep was out of the way we got together to discuss the room layout, and where and how our pieces should be displayed. We feel we’ve done ourselves, and our work, proud, and hopefully visitors attending the show will agree.

Suzy Seed

The opening night was a huge success, the university was a hive of activity with many people bringing their parents to come and see their work. Thanks to our tutors for making sure our glasses were never empty!


Suzy Seed

Beginning of the end work

My work laid out on top of the templates, taken from Reebok Classics and Brogue shoes, which were used to create the final forms.

The show runs until June 10th and I recommend coming to see it, there is so much talent here at UCA Rochester. We are taking it in turns to man our room and the next thing we have to look forward to is our graduation ceremony!