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5 Ways to Keep Your Brain in the Game Over Summer

Many courses at UCA are now finishing up for the summer holiday, meaning students won’t have lessons again until September. That is a very long gap of empty space for many students, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep learning and creating! Here are 5 things you can do over the holidays to keep your brain in the game over the next few months.

Travel the World! Or more realistically on a student budget... the UK!

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, travelling can be an incredibly enriching experience – not to mention very grammable... If you are tight on money and cannot afford to travel far, you could simply a town or a city near you that you’ve never explored before. The UK has some killer spots and staycations are all the rage these days!


Visit Museums 

Before you switch your brain off at the mention of museums, hear me out... We have an awesome collection of art, design, science, history museums here. Plus, lots of museums are also free, which is a bonus if you are tight on money. Through my course I was able to get a free National Art Pass, which gives students free entry to over 240 museums and 50% off major exhibitions. If you’re a student at UCA, contact your course leader to see if you may qualify to get a free National Art Pass.

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Why not choose to volunteer over the summer? This will greatly enhance your CV because employers like to see that you take an active role in your community. It will also help improve the lives of the people around you, animals, the environment and so on. Volunteering is a good way to meet new people, enhance your skills, and boost your confidence while helping others.

Get a Job or an Internship

You can also try to get a job over the summer to make some money and update your CV. Some students may already have a job that they juggle university with during term time, but summer is a good time to work without looming deadlines. Some students may also try to get an internship over the summer, which would give them valuable experience in the industry they wish to work in.

Prepare for the year ahead

Just because term is over doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the year ahead. You can spend the summer practicing what you’ve learned and improving areas you may struggle more with, such as drawing or writing. Some courses may also have students write a Dissertation Proposal in their second year, giving them the opportunity to begin their Dissertation Draft during the summer holiday. The summer months can be a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve and prepare for the year ahead without as much pressure.

I think it is important to keep your brain going over summer, not only will that soften the shock of returning to university after several months, but it can be fun, earn you money, improve your skills, enhance your CV, and prepare you for the year ahead… You just can’t argue with that logic.