How we work

UCA's journey to becoming extraordinary is underpinned by investment in its staff. Learning & Development has played a central role in improving our performance through development events and numerous supportive and facilitative relationships with managers and staff.

In our journey to create a culture of continuous learning we have established the following key areas of focus to help us increase and maximise this learning and continue to embed it into everyone's day to day practice.

This approach is based on the understanding that 'experiences' and context are critical to learning improved performance and change.

  • Learning through working, reflecting, changing and adapting
  • Feedback from colleagues, coaching, social learning fora, mentoring relationships, Managers discussion fora
  • Development events face to face/ virtual/ elearning, Professional Qualifications, Conferences

The team are able to provide support to managers and staff to facilitate the exploration and embedding of these approaches.

Aim of the Learning and Development Policy:

  • To help individual staff to acquire knowledge and skills which will allow them to carry out their current role with maximum effectiveness and thereby contribute to the achievement of agreed objectives and the University Strategic Objectives.
  • To help individuals develop skills and/or gain qualifications, which will contribute to the development of their work and equip them for their future career.
  • To help individuals or groups of staff to be innovative, creative and to deal positively and productively with the demands placed on them by organisational change and development.

The Learning and Development Policy also contains the form to apply for professional qualifications funding.  This policy and form can also be downloaded from the staff portal. 

Got a question?

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