Engaging with change

Find out about:

  • Communicating change with confidence
  • Embracing and embedding change
  • Challenging conversations
  • Being resilient in challenging times


Communicating change with confidence

Event outline

This interactive half-day workshop focuses on some practical ways in which you can improve your skills and confidence when communicating change. It also includes ways of building emotional resilience for the communicators and for the people affected by the changes.

Who should attend

Managers planning change.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Choose a range of verbal and non-verbal communication skills to help them to: 
     - communicate change with increased confidence and ease
     - handle the emotional reactions of employees impacted by change in a more objective way 
  • Develop strategies to increase their emotional resilience through periods of change and uncertainty

HR support

Additionally we can provide individual support for managers to give effective, meaningful and productive messages to your staff during a period of change. HR can work with you on an individual basis to develop a communication plan which fits your needs.

Embracing and embedding change

This half day workshop will enable you to find out strategies to handle and embrace change in a positive way to focus on the future, taking stock and moving forwards.

Event outline

Dealing with change is a fact of life - it's never-ending in a world where technology is constantly changing our way of life and where expectations of us in and outside work are in constant transition. Some changes are small and seemingly trivial, while other changes can appear much more significant. Some people adapt to change easily while others may find transitions more difficult.

This workshop aims to help you find strategies and tools for making change happen positively.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you should be able to:

  • Understand how you and those around you think about, and deal with, situations of change
  • Understand why and how you can feel de-motivated by change
  • Consider ways to look at change positively and constructively
  • Generate options and ideas for moving forward and develop an appropriate action plan.

Who should attend

Any member of staff.

Challenging conversations

Practical tips and tools for managers to prepare for challenging conversations effectively.

To access the Challenging Conversations learning opportunities log into myUCA, using your UCA username and password. Click on myLearning and Development.

Being resilient in challenging times

Equipping yourself to build resilience and positivity. Please refer to the Online Resources section to find supporting videos, articles and UCA's Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy.

The University offers a free, confidential staff telephone counselling service to staff. See Staff Telephone Counselling Service for more information.

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