Create Calm Wellbeing Workshops

Create Calm Wellbeing Workshops

UCA’s Kent and Medway Collaborative Programme (KaMCOP) team offer a range of creative workshops to support and promote positive mental health and wellbeing for young people.  These workshops encourage students to switch off from their everyday pressures, by participating in a workshop that focuses solely on creative expression. Young peoeple will learn new skills and techniques in areas such as mindfulness that they can then use in their own time.

These workshops have been developed in response to the increased awareness of the benefits of creativity for our wellbeing and resilience. Therefore, all Create Calm workshops encourage relaxation, creativity and reflection - ideal for young people during busy and high intensity periods. 

These workshops are designed for all young people to access, regardless of their creative abilities and interests.

Please see below for a list of our Create Calm workshops. To find out more and book a workshop, please get in touch:

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Create Calm Wellbeing Workshops

  • Mindful Marks: Option 1

    1 -2 Hours, 25 students max.

    In this workshop students will be introduced to the technique of mindfulness. Listening to sounds and music, students will be encouraged to relax, draw and doodle in response to the sounds. This activity is student-led with students selecting the colour, patterns and lines they choose to mark to the music.  This workshop also encourages students to focus on one task allowing them to temporarily forget about other pressures. By the end of the workshop, students will have learnt a new mindfulness activity that they can practise in their own time.


  • Mindful Marks: Option 2

    1-2 Hours, 25 students max.

    In this workshop students will find out about the beginnings of mark marking, learning about it origins and uses by caveman and its evolvement to the current period. Students will reflect how they currently mark make and discuss the relevance of the mark making to them. Students will then explore different materials, techniques and processes to create an individual or collaborative piece of artwork. This workshop aims to give an opportunity for students to self-reflect by creating artwork that is unique to them and their personal mark, and building their confidence by realising there no right or wrong mark.

  • Wellbeing Weaving: Option 1

    1-3 Hours in Length, 15-20 students

    During this workshop students will learn the technique of weaving. Students can work individually or collaboratively to create their woven artwork. Inspiration for the weaving will be available during the workshop, but students can create artwork from their own hobbies and interests.  This workshop encourages students to take part in a tactile workshops where their sole focus is learning a new technique and working towards their woven artwork. At the end of the workshop, students can take away their new learnt technique and develop it further in their own time.

  • Wellbeing Weaving: Option 2

    1-2 Hours, 15-20 students

    In this workshop students will learn the mindfulness technique of macramé. This technique can help support students’ wellbeing as it encourages them to focus on one task, allowing them to temporarily switch off from their pressures. This workshop promotes teamwork as students will commonly help one another to improve their technique. At the end of the workshop, students will have learnt a new mindfulness technique they can practise in their own time. 

  • Planting Positivity

    2 x sessions (2-3 hours per session), 20 students max.

    In this workshops, students will create their own personalised vessel for a plant. This tactile workshops allows students to select the textures and colour and even the purpose of their vessel.  This workshops aims to support young people’s mental health as it’s known that creating something tangible for yourself or others can be very enjoyable and gives you a physical outcomes to be proud of, promoting self-confidence.

    Please note that workshops may need to take place across two sessions to allow the plaster to set before decorating.

  • Motivational Merchandise

    Length of workshops is varied (approx. 2-3 Hours), 25 students max.

    Motivational Merchandise workshops give students the opportunity to design and create positive merchandise that they can keep for themselves or gift to others. There are a range of workshops available including postcard making workshops, T-shirt printing workshops or tote-bag printing workshops. All workshops are student-led, with students creating their own unique designs for their merchandise which can be linked to their personal interests or hobbies. The workshops aims to support young people’s mental health by encouraging them to switch off and enjoy the process of creating, whilst allowing them to take away an item to showcase their efforts.

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