Student communication

As a student at UCA you will receive communication from us in a number of ways. You too can choose how you wish to communicate with the University, your tutors and your fellow students.

We hope that the following information will help you (open the relevant tab for more information).

  • How will the university communicate with me?

    UCA email - the university email is the most common form of communication, so you will need to check it regularly for course updates and other university information. To access your email, go to and login using your UCA username and password. Your UCA email address will be

    Announcements in myUCA - your course team and support services will send you announcements in myUCA, so it is important that you also check this regularly. They will appear on the myUCA homepage under My Announcements as well as inside the course or units area. Your course team will often send you an announcement if they have updated the course material. Also, in severe weather, when there is a likelihood of campus closure, the university will send out regular updates to keep you informed. These will appear at 7.30am each morning and you should check these first before setting out to make your journey in.

    The UCA Mobile App - You can also receive announcements via the UCA mobile app and browse your course area in myUCA.

    A Printed Letter - If something is extremely important, the university will write to you at your university address.

    Text Message - A number of the course teams and support departments use SMS to communicate with students, but text messaging is not used by everyone. Your course team and support department will advise you.

    Course Blog or Website - Your course might also choose to communicate with you using a course blog which may have the ability to send RSS feeds to your email, if this is the case, your course team will advise you of the blog's web address which should also be linked from your course area in myUCA.

    Twitter - Your course team may choose to communicate with you using a dedicated Twitter feed, this can be very useful in projects and onsite location work. Your course team will advise you of the twitter address if this is the case.

  • Where can I post advertisements?

    If you have a room to let, house to share, a survey needing completing, something to sell, or just something you want to publicise, you can use the Student Ads space. You will find it on the myUCA home page inside the Communication area as shown below. 

  • Where can I circulate my survey?

    You can email other students on your course with a link to your survey. To use the group email tool in myUCA, go to your course or unit area and select Send an Email. You will then have the option to email All Students on your course or make a selection from the Single/Select Users option.

    Another idea might be to tweet the web address of your survey and/or paste the link into Facebook post.

  • Why is UCA email so important?

    The University will be use the UCA email to communicate with you. As well as emails from your faculty, your course team and support departments will be communicating via email.  Please ensure you always use your UCA email to communicate with the university so we can verify who you are. We will not respond to emails made from personal accounts unless the circumstances are exceptional.

  • How can I receive UCA emails on my mobile?

    he university use Microsoft Exchange as their email client.

    1.  Go to Settings, select Mail and then Exchange.
    2.  On the first screen, enter your ucreative email address e.g.
    3.  Then enter the domain ucreative, then your username and password, then press next.
    4.  The system will try to verify your account.
    5.  On the next screen, if the name of the server has not been entered automatically, enter, then press next again.
    6.  After your account has been verified and the iPhone has connected to the mail server, you will see your inbox. It will take a few moments to download your emails.
  • How will my tutors communicate with me?

    Your tutors will communicate with you face-to-face, via email, course blog and the announcements in myUCA. Your studio may also have a notice board, so it's worth finding out if these exist.

  • Why do we have a course blog?

    The course blog is a secure place students can share thoughts about their course. Only people enrolled on the course have access to the blog. Aside from the ability for all cohorts from a single course to communicate collectively, the blog will enable staff and student reps to take forward any successes or issues to the school board meetings and student forum meetings respectively.

    The course team will be moderating this blog and administer any removal of postings.

  • How can I communicate with other students and staff?

    Besides using the Course Blog, Student Ads and other social media, you can use the email tool on myUCA. This will allow you to send emails to people in your course or units by way of selecting their names from a list or choosing the All Students option.

  • How can I access my marks?

    Your marks can be obtained from myRecords on myUCA. Your tutor will be able to tell you when they have been marked and available for collection.