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Type of softwareWhatLink to online learning video
3ds Max  Modeling, animation, and rendering solution used by 3D artists and designers to create visual effects, cutting-edge games, and design visualizations.  3ds Max video tutorial 
Acrobat - Adobe   Distributes, reviews, and archives PDF files created from a variety of sources, including specialized software applications. PDF's are often used across the internet for their small file size, easy distribution and review in the freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Acrobat Adobe video tutorial
After Effects - adobe  Motion graphics and visual effects software for film, video, DVD, and the web.   After Effects video tutorial
AutoCAD - Autodesk  Design and drafting software that allows you to create a single drawing efficiently and deliver an entire set of coordinated drawings.  AutoCAD Autodesk video tutorial
Cinema4D  3D graphics software for special effects, video games, industrial and automotive... loads of rendering options.  Cinema4D video tutorial 
Dreamweaver - Adobe  Discover how to build websites, prototypes, and more with this industry standard editor.  Dreamweaver video tutorial 
Excel - Microsoft  Spreadsheet package: turns data into information that can analyse, communicate, compare and share results.  Excel video tutorial 
Fireworks - Adobe  Lets users import files from all major graphics formats and manipulate both vector and bitmap images to quickly create graphics and interactivity. Images can be easily exported to Dreamweaver, Flash and third-party applications.  Fireworks video tutorial
Flash Professional - Adobe  Vector based software that allows designers and developers to integrate video, text, audio, and graphics into a single (or several) swf files. Good for interactive presentations and application user interfaces - especially web-based.  Flash Professional video tutorial 
Final Cut Pro  Delivers high-performance digital nonlinear video editing, native support for virtually any video format, and facility-class extensibility and interoperability.   Final Cut Pro video tutorial 
Illustrator - Adobe  
Industry standard vector-based drawing and illustration software to express ideas visually in print, on the Web, and in any other medium with EPS and PDF integration.  
Illustrator video tutorial
Indesign - Adobe  Page layout and design software for print. Part of the Adobe creative suite. Drag and drop Photoshop and Illustrator files into programme.  Indesign video tutorial 
Maya  3D graphics software for special effects, video games, industrial and automotive... loads of rendering options. Interaction and integration with AutoCAD, Photoshop and Illustrator. Offers tools for placing visualizations into life-like settings. Motion, in the form of weather, steam or smoke effects makes for dynamic visualizations. Maya can also be used to add realism to 2D graphics.  Maya video tutorial 
Photoshop - Adobe  Industry standard image editor and image creator - seamless integration with ImageReady for web graphic output.  Photoshop video tutorial
PowerPoint - Microsoft  Creates presentations using text, graphics and multimedia.  PowerPoint video tutorial 
Premiere Pro - Adobe  Nonlinear and linear video editing and production software.  Premiere Pro video tutorial  
Word - Microsoft  Word processing software for all your text documents, essays and dissertations.  Word video tutorial 
Wordpress Discover how to establish a web presence quickly and easily without having to download software. Wordpress video tutorial 

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