FAQs and other information . . .


Requesting a Telephone/Extension for (new) Staff

If you require a new telephone handset and extension number for an existing or new member of staff you will need to contact the IT Service Desk as your first point of call. Please take into consideration that the cost of the telephone and network port (if required) will be charged to your department. If any further information is required then please contact the IT Service Desk.



Changing Extension Details

If you require your extension number to be changed due to an office move or if an extension number is no longer required, then please contact the IT Service Desk. 



Making an internal / external call

To make an internal call

All extension numbers within the University are 4 digits, eg: 8799. To dial someone internally you just need to dial the extension number.

To make an external call

Dial "9" followed by the number you wish to call.



Making a Conference Call

To make a conference call:

1. Put your current caller on hold by pressing the TRANS/CONF key.
2. Dial the extension number required  or 9 followed by the external number that you wish to bring into your conversation.
3. When answered, to join both parties press the TRANS/CONF key.



Setting up your Voicemail

Please follow the instructions below to setup your voicemail for the first time.

Please dial the following site code to access your voicemail before proceeding:

Farnham: 4444
Epsom: 5555
Rochester: 8555
Canterbury: 7555
Maidstone: 1555

2) When prompted please enter 1111 as your voicemail pin code. This is the default pin code to access voicemail. It will prompt you to change this pin code.

3) Please follow the instructions that you are given and complete the process.

It is very important that you complete the voicemail process and wait for the congratulations message at the end of the process. If you exit half way through then this could cause you problems in the future.



Accessing Voicemail

You can access your voicemail on any campus.
To access your voicemail or change voicemail settings please dial the site's code below:

Canterbury 7555

Epsom 5555

Farnham 4444

Maidstone 1555

Rochester 8555

Checking un-heard voicemail messages
Your handset and voicemail button will flash to indicate that you have a new message. To access your message(s) please press the flashing voicemail button and then press "#".

Please refer to the Voicemail quick reference guide (pdf) for more information.



Using Voice Recognition - Speak @ Ease

A voice recognition software, Speak@Ease, allows users to say the name of the person they wish to speak to instead of dialling the number.

To access and use Speak@Ease please follow the below instructions:

1. Dial 1042 (externally 01622 620042)

NB: After dialling 1042, if you are prompted to go through a tutorial then please use your extension number as your PIN number.

2. Say the person's name you wish to call.

3. Wait for the person to answer.

Please refer to the Speak@Ease quick reference guide (pdf) for more information.



Using Special Keys (only Epsom and Farnham)

5 Special Keys have been set up - currently only in Epsom and Farnham. Please see below for a list of special keys for the Mitel 5312 handsets in Surrey.

Special Key 12 - Login / Logoff

Special Key 11 - Call History

Special Key 10 - Pickup (Use this key to answer a phone call if you are part of a "pick up group")

Special Key 09 - Divert Always

Special Key 08 - Voicemail (Use this key to update your personal greeting / record a temporary greeting)

All other keys will be available for use with speed dial configuration.



Hot desking - How to login to your phone

If you tend to work on a number of different campuses you can login to your phone on any desk. To use your extension number on a phone you will need to login to your phone. To do this please follow the instructions below:

1) Press special key 12 which is the login / logoff button. This is the top button next to the handset.

2) Press the * key to login.

3) Type your extension number in and press #

4) Be aware that there is no pin code so press the # key again.

Your login process is now completed.

For more information or any other questions or queries please contact the IT Service Desk