Password Problems For Staff

For help and advice on passwords, please visit the Hub on the below link:

The Hub - Password guides

I have forgotten my password/my password has expired

If you are a member of staff and your password has expired then call the IT Service Desk and they can change it for you.

IT Service Desk
ext. 8799
Tel: (01634) 888799

*Note - when you work from home you do not get a count down to alert you that your password is about to expire.

I cannot access myUCA

New and sessional members of staff need to be given access to myUCA, this is normally done by HR informing Learning & Teaching to add them to the system. However, there may be exception to the rule - if this is the case and your ucreative username and password does not give you access to myUCA, please email giving details of your problem.

For password security tips and advice please visit the Hub on the link below:

The Hub - Password security