Password Security

Never give your password to anybody

Hackers have gained access to accounts on many university computers throughout the world. A person with unauthorised access to your account can send email in your name, browse the Web, corrupt your files, delete or modify important information, or eat up your resources. In addition, hackers often run programs that put a heavy burden on the university's computing network, degrading service for all users.

Protect your UCA Password

It is against UCA's IT Use Policy to share your username and password with someone else. Therefore please remember the following:

  • Do not give your username and password to anyone under any circumstances, even if they are a close friend or member of your family. Please also note that IT Services will NEVER ask you for these details
  • Do not let others use your account, even if you log them in.
  • If you enter your username and password into a UCA website, be sure you exit all open Web browsers when you are finished.
  • Do not walk away from a computer (for instance in a studio or library) until you are certain that you have logged off.

Beware of Common Traps

  • Any emails from official looking bodies (e.g. banks) asking you to disclose your password.
  • Any emails from an IT helpdesk asking you to disclose your password.
  • Do not write your username and password in a place where others could find them.
  • Be sure no one is watching when you enter your username and password.
  • If you are asked for your details (by email, in person, etc) you should refuse to give them and contact the IT Service Desk.

Do not share your ucreative password inadvertently

If you think you have inadvertently given your details out, please change your password or contact IT Services Desk so that they can change it for you.

Tips for choosing a secure Password

  • make it easy to remember - but not easily guessed by someone else!
  • make it at least 7 characters - the longer your password, the safer it is.
  • include a number and/or capital letter

An example of a good password is R0v3rl0v3s2run as it includes an uppercase and numeric character as well as being long.