IT Service Desk

Do you have an IT related problem or query?

Please call the IT Service Desk first!

The Service Desk provides a single point of contact for all your IT related problems and queries.

  • Phone us on campus on extension 8799
  • Phone us at home on (0)1634 888799
  • Visit the Hub at the following link to raise a request, report an issue, or to find knowledge articles for known problems -

All support requests must come through the IT Service Desk rather than individual IT staff members. The IT Service Desk centralises our support teams so we can react to incidents quickly and analyse / solve on going problems to improve our service. Additionally, by calling the IT Service Desk, you will help us to avoid duplication of work.

When you contact the IT Service Desk, we will:

  • Ask for your username to log the call
  • Ask questions to help us diagnose the fault or fully understand the request
  • Aim to resolve your issue
  • Give you a call reference number to assist in tracking the progress of the call

It is very helpful for us if you:

  • Have your username to hand (e.g. jsmith). This is so that we can log the call correctly for you (we will never ask you for your password)
  • We will ask you to provide us the machine name. If this is not available, then the IP address of the computer would also help
  • Tell us where you are located, i.e. department, site, building and room number
  • Describe the problem in detail, including any error messages you may have received

We separate all calls to our Service Desk into three categories which are:

  • Incident Request
  • Service Request
  • Change Request

IT Service Desk Opening Hours

The IT Service Desk is available from 9am - 5.15pm Monday to Friday.

Additional info:

You Said We Did.....

To continually improve our service we have implemented customer feedback surveys.

We value your views and use your feedback to continually make improvements to the student / staff experience – but just as crucially, we need to ensure that you know your feedback is acted upon and makes a difference

You Said

We Did

There are currently too many automatic updates from the Service Desk To address this we have reduced the automatic updates to only issue e-mails when calls have been created, resolved and closed.

If you would like to leave us feedback please e-mail us with your thoughts and comments.

Remote Support at UCA

To provide remote support to UCA staff, IT Services have implemented an enterprise support tool called Bomgar (

Bomgar provides remote support tools with a solution specifically designed for the needs of security-conscious support organisations. Bomgar enables IT Services support representatives to remotely access, diagnose, control and fix computers and mobile devices. Bomgar allows IT Services to remotely support any device - from anywhere at any time. This means that if you are working from home then you can get access to IT services support.

Bomgar and privacy?

IT Services have configured Bomgar to always ask for the users permission before any screen sharing or potential action is performed. This has been implemented to give our users peace of mind that privacy i3s being respected.

Each support session initiated provides our users with the option to select whether the support technician has "full access", "view only" or "no access". By offering these permissions it gives our users the ability to control the support session and ensure their privacy is being respected.

Each support session that is initiated is fully audited with video recording, chat transcripts and full real time management oversight. This information is currently up to 90 days.

What does Bomgar provide?

Bomgar has the ability for a technician to "invite" someone into a support session to remotely access, diagnose, control and fix the users issue. This level of support is offered by using the following methods:

  • The Bomgar Button is an icon that is placed on customers' desktops, iPad and other mobiles devices. Bomgar Buttons simplify support, allowing UCA staff to initiate a support session with a single click.
  • Bomgar's Jump Technology is a solution for supporting any computer. Jump Technology has both a client-based and a clientless solution that connects a support technician virtually to an any system on any network - securely.
  • Support by IT Services is only provided to UCA devices.

Who is able to use Bomgar?

UCA Bomgar licenses limits the use to staff in designated IT support roles at the university. This tool is not available for end-users or technicians to use to gain remote access into their admin / studio desktops. Bomgar is not available for IT staff in non user support roles.

Extended access to Bomgar for non-support roles may change in the future as business needs evolve.

Get Remote Support here.