IT Procurement

Requisitioners of the University who wish to procure IT related equipment will need to work with the IT customer services team. IT equipment cannot be purchased without approval of IT Services. All requests for purchasing of equipment or software, whether as individual items or as part of a larger project, must be directed to the IT Service Desk who will process the request to ensure that the best price and product is requisitioned in line with the value for money initiative and framework agreements.

Desktop and Laptop Provision

IT Services have created standard specifications for PC and Apple equipment that are suitable for most situations, however on occasion where the users believe that the standard machines will not be appropriate, requests for non-standard equipment will be considered by IT Services based on individual needs. The standardised equipment will ensure that generic spare parts are available to reduce repair times and reduce the frequency of non-standard faults. This reduction in waste of resources will improve the ability of the IT Services department to provide pro-active IT service delivery to the University.

Staff members are encouraged to have one machines allocated to them. The default desktop / laptop is a PC, unless there is a clearly defined need for a Mac. Members of staff who spend substantial time working across multiple campuses may be issued with a laptop to avoid the need for several computers assigned to one person. A laptop may also be appropriate for users that are highly mobile within a campus, for example hosting presentations in several locations. The purchase of a laptop is subject to the agreement of the line manager of the member of staff in question. Where a laptop is provided, a desktop docking station and monitor can also be supplied for use in the office. This negates the need to have a desktop and laptop which is not cost effective or financially sustainable for the University.

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IT Capital Bids

The IT capital bids process is a process which usually takes place in April/May and allows the University as a whole to submits requests to IT Services for replacement computers, additional computers or addition peripherals or services to enhance the student experience. Due to the large number of requests and financial budget constraints not all requests are approved. The process of approval is undertaken by the IT Customer Services Manager, IT Service Delivery Manager and Head of IT Services.